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Things To Know About
Web Development

In today's tech-savvy world, technology plays a massive role in our daily lives. From the simplest apps that we are using, such as grocery delivery apps and online payment apps, to groundbreaking inventions, we are encircled with technology. A developer has built every website or app that we use or encounter. That's why people are shifting more towards online web development courses to make a successful career.   

But the first question is, what actually is web development, and what do web developers do?  

You will get all the answers later in this guide.   

As an outsider, it seems a complicated and somewhat confusing field. Thus, to shed some light on this flourishing industry, we have put together all the information about web development and how to become a full-fledged web developer.  

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Web development and its types

What is Web development ?

Web development is the complete process of making websites and apps for the Internet. Rather than relating to website design, web development is all about programming and coding that helps properly function a website.   

  Type of Web Development  
Web development can be categorized into three layers:  

  • Frontend  
  • Backend  
  • Database Technology  

Let's take a deep dive at these in detail:  

  • Frontend (Client-Side)  

Frontend development is all about what the end user experiences directly. Things like menus, fonts, and colors all come under front-end development.  

  • Backend (Server-Side)  

It is all that is happening behind the scenes. The backend part of the website is what the users do not see actually.   

  • Database Technology  

The database contains all the information and files that are imperative for a website to work effectively and stores them all in an easy way to access, edit, and save.   

Start Proceeding on Your Coding Path

The web development career is challenging, financially lucrative, and has a lot to offer in terms of job stability. Learning the desired languages, libraries, and frameworks for web development is the first critical step toward building a successful web development career. Learning these and other resources and lingo will make the next step much more straightforward.  

Determine Your Learning Pathway  

You have a wide range of options today. Despite the confusion, assistance is available. Take some time to consider the elements a learning pathway should have. Consider your current position, your available resources, and your desired destination.  

Make Your Portfolio 

Being able to demonstrate your abilities is much more crucial if your concentration is mainly on front-end development. You must also have tasks to showcase your coding abilities as you develop. You may start building your web developer portfolio with these tasks, which is a fantastic approach to catching the attention of prospective companies and clients.  

Prepare yourself for Job Market

Congratulations! You are now in the final step toward becoming a web developer. Now is the right time to focus on an imperative customer journey: that of the company that will hire you as a web developer. How does that operate, then? Your portfolio should be polished and optimized for potential employers to view, as well as be full of pertinent projects highlighting your coding abilities.   

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