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Our Goal

Envision a Generation which is prepared for the future !

At SkyHi our goal is to move toward imparting knowledge of coding to young kids in creative & interesting ways. Our tutors believe in shaping a better tomorrow for society; therefore, they teach each kid with sincerity and give them their undivided attention.

Our Mission

Educating children of today to become leaders of tomorrow.

We aim toward Teaching and Training tech skills to the next-gen developers to make them a part of the transforming industries. To prepare them for the rapidly changing sectors, we educate them everything from basic to vital tech skills. We turn the Noobs into Pros with our robust yet adaptable digital learning platform!

Our Vision

Develop problem solving abilities for a better tomorrow.

Our vision is to create a world of young coders who will be able to solve complex challenges of society by delivering solutions that are logical, confident, and visionary. All this will only be possible when critical thinking is embedded at an early stage.

Our Story

Know us better to revolutionize coding !

Everyone understands the value of education in life. Our environment is undergoing constant change. In the area of code, the same is true. Everything is changing as a result of new technologies, including how people communicate, what vocations need, and even how we view our surroundings. No indication exists that these developments will halt or even slow down. Children must be able to become lifelong learners who can adapt in today's rapidly changing world.

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We are grateful for our students

Our students are given the freedom to choose the curriculum devoted to the most in-demand tech jobs. SkyHi tech students have evolved into a community of international students that offers a special model for the best participation of the students.

Our young coders fill the room with curiosity and new ideas that lights up the environment. They are free to express their thought processes and ideologies as our instructors tend to encourage them to ask as many questions as possible.

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About SkyHi

All the tamariki of Aotearoa, develop your own games, build innovative apps and create exciting websites. SkyHi Tech Academy is headquartered in New Zealand and has 25 years of expertise educating children from all over the world. Our instructors are experts in the field of web, gaming and app development & are committed to giving your children the best development education.

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