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Let's hear what parents like you have to say about their experience with SkyHi Tech Academy

  • Harwinder kaur

    I will definitely recommend skyhi tech academy because it is best place to start software development field. It doesn’t just teach you how to write code it trains you for real world career as developers. Also gives students the option to take the course at their own space.

  • Gareth Killip

    SkyHi provide a super friendly atmosphere for learning and are very supportive of the students. My son is enjoying the classes very much!

  • Maegan D'Lima

    The teachers are really nice and if I I’m stuck they help me. They make it more fun with kahoots once in a while to quiz us on what we have learned and I’ve also learned a lot in these classes.

  • Pritika Varma-Lal

    Great Company. I have learnt lot's. Sunmeet is a good teacher.

  • Liyun Pan

    Very interesting class. Computer coding and design can be a bit boring, even for adult. My son is 10 and enjoying this class heaps. Lots of fun and interesting knowledge. Definitely suggesting this class to kids.

  • Mirjana Milovanovic

    This is really good course. I have learned so much from it and it has really helped me understand the world of coding much better.

  • harry wu

    Sky high academy is Awsome!!! I really enjoy learning about coding.

  • Navtej Vincent Dhillon

    SkyHi Tech Academy is an amazing school for anyone! Teachers are really helpful and easy to talk to. I recommend this school for all ages and people with absolutely no experience aswell!!

  • Glitchy Reflex

    SkyHi Tech Academy is very good for students of any age to learn about software and website designing. SkyHi Tech Academy is the best way for not only me but for others to learn software and website designing. SkyHi Tech Academy has really change my perspective on things and is very fun to learn about.

  • Noah Anwar

    Teachers are very good at explaining things in a way that all students of all ages can understand. They teach useful things. If you want a future in coding, definetly check them out!

  • Nathan Carvajal (SpaceKiwi)

    I am so happy to be doing this class and it is so fun and it is very good I really like doing this and have 0.1 complaints.

  • Damien Tiede

    Sunmeet and the rest of the team at Sky Hi Tech Academy are providing real-world relevant skills for young people. They provide a fun, friendly and inclusive atmosphere which encourages learning and creativity. If you have a young person who wants to pursue a career in the modern software industry, I can't recommend this enough. Damien Tiede (Senior Software Engineer).

  • Hannah Burgess

    Very good teacher. Love doing classes and learning HTML!!!!!!!!

  • Strawbridge Whanau

    We are so grateful for SkyHi Tech Academy. My 8 year old son didn't think twice when I suggested he could learn coding. We are really impressed with the service provided by Sunmeet and his team. Even better - learning to code is an activity that doesn't get impacted by lockdowns.

  • Jose luis Litre

    We're very happy with the progress our 9 years old has achieved with the support from the Team at SkyHi Tech Academy. I would recommend SkyHi to friends and colleagues to are trying to keep their kids away from silly games that don't provide any real value for their future.

  • Shannon Withers

    My son Max is 10. He has been doing coding classes for a few months and is loving it!! He has learned so much in this short time and very proud of himself. Definitely recommended!

  • Sukhwinder Singh

    My journey with SkyHi Tech Academy has been remarkable since the first day. The instructors & their guidance have helped me enhance my skills, leading me to land a fantastic job opportunity as a Junior Developer. I highly recommend SkyHi Tech to all coding & software development aspirants who are looking forward to advancing their careers!

  • Saurabh Gupta

    My son liked the web development training provided by SkyHi. Sunmeet was responsive and flexible to my son's learning needs as well as timings. Helped him build the basics so he understands the code in an otherwise copy paste world.

  • F Fu

    My son aged 15 and daughter aged twelve both enjoy their lessons with SkyHi Tech academy. The tutoring is professional and My kids love it and find the lessons very easy to learn. 

  • Chelsea D’Lima

    Classes are amazing. It is amazing to see kids learn and practice what they have learnt, so parents can see proof of what happens in classes. The Tutor is always happy, courteous and very supportive.

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