Beginner's Web Development

Develop Useful Tech Skills To Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Programming Basics.

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Course Description

Web development course overview

To become a Web Developer, one needs to have a good understanding of coding principles and techniques, as well as specific web development technologies like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and JavaScript..

It can be a fun and educational activity for them if they learn coding with web development. They can able to create their own website, games and apps.

Our classes will runs in a group with the max of 5 children in class. As we believe that building teamwork and collaborative skills are very important for child to learn.

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Level 1

Web Development (HTML & CSS)

  • Classes: 30 sessions
  • Projects: 3 live projects
  • Languages: HTML & CSS
  • Certificate: Yes 
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Level 2

Web Development (Javascript)

  • Classes: 50 sessions
  • Projects: 5 live projects
  • Languages: Javascript with Games
  • Certificate: Yes 
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