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Course Description

Front-end development using React.js and backend development using Node.js, along with incorporating popular design frameworks like Bootstrap and Material UI, is a powerful combination for creating dynamic and visually appealing web applications. Additionally, learning and implementing tools like SCSS, Gulp, Npm, Grunt, and working on live projects can further enhance your development skills and efficiency.

Incorporating real-time projects in web development can greatly benefit kids by providing them with hands-on experience and practical application of their skills. e.g. Time Management and Organization, Team Management, Collaboration and Teamwork, Increase Creativity and Innovation.


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Front-end Development

Course Outline

  • Live Client Projects
  • Class Size: 1 - 3 max per batch
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Group Test: 5

Front-end Development

Course Outcome

  • Ability to Build Websites
  • Improved User Experience
  • Enhanced Career Opportunities
  • Lifelong Learning and Growth
  • Collaboration, Teamwork
  • Portfolio Building

What you will learn

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap, Material UI
  • Gulp, Grunt
  • Npm
  • ReactJs
  • Many more..
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