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Course Description

Back-end development is a crucial aspect of web development, and there are several technologies and frameworks you can use to build the server-side of web applications. We are going to learn back-end development using Node.js, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase, and CodeIgniter. These technologies and frameworks provide a solid foundation for building powerful and scalable back-end systems.

Incorporating real-time projects in web development can greatly benefit kids by providing them with hands-on experience and practical application of their skills. e.g. Time Management and Organization, Team Management, Collaboration and Teamwork, Increase Creativity and Innovation.

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Back-end Development

Course Outline

  • Live Client Projects
  • Class Size: 1 - 3 max per batch
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Group Test: 5

Back-end Development

Course Outcome

  • Ability to Build Websites
  • Improved User Experience
  • Enhanced Career Opportunities
  • Lifelong Learning and Growth
  • Collaboration, Teamwork
  • Portfolio Building

What you will learn

  • Python
  • PHP
  • Mysql
  • Laravel, Codeigniter
  • NodeJs
  • MongoDB
  • FirebaseDB
  • Many more...
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